How Satisfied Are You With Your Business Technology Dealer?

NPS1It's often said that happiest customers are the best customers.  They continue to buy from your company, tell their friends about your services and provide you with valuable feedback to improve your business.  But how is your business technology dealer gauging your satisfaction with their products and services?

At Fraser Advanced Information Systems, we take great pride in consistently surveying our customers to ensure their utmost satisfaction.  Whether you're ordering supplies, getting service or having your new copier remotely installed, Fraser will ask you how we did.  We take your feedback to our team and work to make improvements if necessary.  We reach out to customers who have experienced an issue and work it through until the customer is pleased with their experience.  Each month we get hundreds of customers who say they would recommend our services to a friend or colleague.  The best advertising in the world is a customer who tells their colleague about a great experience they've had with a company.

In 2017, Fraser had a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 93.10.  The average NPS of some of the most well-known companies is shown in the graphic.  In terms of the business technology industry, many dealers survey just a small sample of their customers.  At Fraser, we believe that each customer's voice should be heard, so we survey all customers.  Also, this provides a truer result in terms of the Net Promoter Score.  Also in 2017, Fraser had over 4,000 customers say they'd recommend us to a friend or colleague.  FOUR THOUSAND!! What makes Fraser the leader in service in the area?  Knowing our customers, what they are looking for and providing the best service in the industry.  Come learn how Fraser can make your ordinary office  SMART!  Contact us TODAY!