How Managed Print Services Can Unlock Savings and Efficiency

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The humble office printer. It hums away, churning out reports, invoices, and countless documents that fuel the daily grind. But what if, instead of a hidden cost center, your printing infrastructure became a source of streamlined efficiency, enhanced security, and even environmental responsibility? Enter the world of Managed Print Services (MPS), a solution to transform your printing game from a paper jam nightmare to a picture of operational harmony.

Slashing Costs, Not Corners

Let's face it: printing can be expensive. Toner cartridges, paper and device maintenance eat away at budgets like a hungry stapler. But MPS providers like Fraser take the sting out of printing by analyzing your usage patterns and recommending the right equipment, optimizing toner consumption and print policies. Here are some ways businesses can cut costs with managed print:

  • Strategic Device Placement: MPS can eliminate unnecessary printers and consolidate printer needs through usage analysis and optimized device placement. 
  • Smart Toner Management: MPS uses AI and cloud software to provide automated toner replenishment. This ensures toner arrives before it runs out, preventing downtime and emergency orders.
  • Optimized Print Policies: By establishing smart print policies like duplex printing, secure pull printing, and controlled access, businesses can reduce unnecessary printing and paper waste and save money.

So, how much money can your business save with MPS? According to a study by Quocirca, companies realized 15-30% cost savings after adopting MPS. With just a few small changes, the savings can be significant. These savings aren't just about pinching pennies; they're about freeing up valuable resources for more strategic investments.

Real-Life Example: A regional law firm was buried in paper with printers on nearly every desk across their two-story offices. After a thorough analysis, Fraser eliminated the expensive single-function printers of differing makes and models. Consolidating prints under a few multifunction printers strategically placed throughout their floor plan, the law firm realized a 26% savings in print costs.

Free Your IT Heroes from Toner Duty

Your IT team has enough on their plates without babysitting temperamental printers. MPS takes care of everything from installation and maintenance to troubleshooting and proactive support, freeing your IT staff to focus on the core technology needs that keep your business running. Below are some ways that MPS frees up your IT team:

  • Proactive Maintenance and Support: With remote monitoring and power AI tools, MPS can identify and resolve potential issues before they disrupt your office workflows.
  • Automated Toner Replenishment: Managed Print Services monitors toner levels in connected print devices. When printers reach a predefined threshold, new toner is automatically sent to the device's location. Imagine never frantically hunting for a cartridge when your printer runs out of toner or having to store 30 different toner cartridges for all of your printer models.
  • Standardized Device Management: With MPS, your IT department can focus on bigger technology challenges that fuel your business's growth. Your MPS provider will handle installation, configuration, routine maintenance and upgrades for your covered devices. 
  • Dedicated Support: Is your printer's issue causing you headaches? Your MPS provider should have a dedicated support team just a call away to help you fix it. 

Many question whether a Managed Print Services program actually frees up an IT team from replacing toner and fixing paper jams. A survey by InfoTrends showed that 80% of businesses reported reduced IT burden thanks to MPS. Imagine the important projects your IT team can tackle with that free time.

Real-Life Example: A leading medical device manufacturer lowered their help desk tickets by 22% by implementing a print management program. With more productive time, the IT team was able to complete the launch of a new ERP system for the company in half the time.


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Fort Knox for Your Documents

In today's digital age, data security is paramount for all companies. The most overlooked area of potential data breaches is a business's print fleet. With an MPS provider, clients enjoy robust security features and protections to keep their information safe from prying eyes, including:

  • Data Encryption: Strong encryption protocols and embedded security features protect sensitive data from the moment you send a print job to the printer. This keeps confidential information safe, even in transit or on the device.
  • User Authentication: Secure login systems prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. Access control ensures that only authorized users can print confidential documents. 
  • Secure document deletion: Ensure sensitive data is truly erased, not just hidden in the abyss of the digital graveyard with hard drive overwrite. Think of it like shredding electronic documents!
  • Compliance With Industry Regulations: Designed with compliance for data privacy regulations like HIPAA and GDPR, MPS gives you peace of mind and helps avoid costly missteps.

Real-Time Example: A regional healthcare system implemented an MPS solution to achieve HIPAA compliance and improve data security. Leadership could breathe easy knowing that patient data was protected from cyber threats and accessible only by authorized personnel.

Going Green, One Print at a Time

No longer just a buzzword, sustainability is a smart business practice for many companies. A Managed Print Services program provides myriad ways to help your Green Initiatives succeed. These include:

  • Paper Reduction: Duplex printing, secure pull print and mobile print solutions encourage responsible print habits and minimize paper waste.
  • Energy-Efficient Devices: Consume less electricity and reduce utility bills with the latest energy-efficient printers. Many devices are certified by the EPA's Energy Star program.
  • Recycling Programs: With MPS, you can recycle toner cartridges, minimizing your impact on the environment while diverting waste from landfills. Many recycling programs provide that detail your company's impact on the environment, keeping you motivated for a greener future.

Do you think sustainability isn't possible with printing? A Paper and Packaging Board study found that MPS programs can help businesses reduce paper consumption by up to 30%. Imagine the impact on your bottom line and the planet.

Real-Life Example: A regional real estate practice reduced paper consumption by more than 18% by adding a Managed Print Program to their copier and print fleet. They also took advantage of our free toner recycling program, lowering their carbon footprint.

Ready to Untangle Your Printing Puzzle?

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  • Reduce costs and improve your bottom line.
  • Free your IT team to focus on strategic priorities.
  • Enhance data security and compliance.
  • Minimize your environmental impact.

Take control of your printing and unlock the potential for a more efficient, secure, and sustainable future.