Managed Print Services: A Game-Changer for Business

managed-print-servicesDoes managing your business print fleet take too much of your IT team's time? A seamless and efficient printing process is crucial in today's digitized world. However, maintaining that print fleet can often lead to unnecessary costs and headaches. Enter Managed Print Services (MPS) - the comprehensive solution to your print management woes.

Understanding Managed Print Services (MPS)

Managed Print Services refer to services an external provider offers to optimize or manage a company's document output. MPS involves monitoring, controlling, and maintaining your entire print environment, from hardware (printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines) to software and supplies.

What sets MPS apart is its comprehensive approach. Managed Print Providers will:

  • assess your current print infrastructure,
  • strategize the most cost-effective setup,
  • implement necessary hardware or software,
  • and provide ongoing maintenance and support.

This holistic process ensures a streamlined workflow, cost reduction, and improved security and sustainability.

The Business Case for Managed Print Services

  1. Cost Reduction: MPS provides visibility into your printing activities, identifying bottlenecks and wasteful practices. By combining devices and removing unnecessary prints, businesses can save up to 30% on print costs.
  2. Increased Productivity: With MPS handling print-related tasks, IT teams can focus on strategic initiatives instead of troubleshooting printer issues. MPS also reduces downtime due to printer failures or lack of supplies, fostering higher productivity.
  3. Enhanced Security: MPS providers implement stringent print security measures, mitigating the risk of data breaches. Secure print release functions, user authentication, and encryption create a more secure print environment.
  4. Sustainability: MPS aids in environmental stewardship by reducing paper waste and energy consumption, aligning with your company's green initiatives.

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How Managed Print Services Address IT Pain Points

As an IT professional, your time is better spent on strategic tasks than resolving printer jams. With Managed Print Services, you can alleviate these common pain points:

  1. Resource Allocation: By outsourcing print management, your team can focus on critical projects rather than being sidetracked by print-related issues. MPS takes over the mundane tasks of print fleet management, freeing your IT resources.
  2. Predictable Costs: MPS provides a predictable monthly expense, eliminating surprise repair costs or supply shortages. This transparency helps in budget planning and cost control.
  3. Security: Print security is often overlooked in an era of increasing data breaches. MPS providers bring expertise in securing print infrastructure, reducing the risk of sensitive data exposure.
  4. Scalability: Whether you're expanding or downsizing, an MPS provider can scale the print environment to suit your business needs.

In-Depth Assessment

An effective Managed Print Services provider begins with thoroughly analyzing your print infrastructure. An MPS program involves auditing your current devices, assessing their usage, and identifying areas of waste or inefficiency. Armed with this information, the MPS provider can develop a tailored print strategy for your business focusing on:

  • device consolidation,
  • print reduction, and
  • workflow automation.

This proactive approach to print management reduces costs and optimizes your print environment for maximum productivity.

Advanced Technology Integration

Managed Print Services leverage advanced technology to deliver superior results. MPS includes cloud printing solutions, which allow users to print from any device, anywhere, anytime, enhancing flexibility and productivity. Additionally, MPS providers utilize advanced analytics to monitor print usage, identify trends, and provide actionable insights for further improvement.

Continuous Support and Maintenance

Managed Print Services are not a set-it-and-forget-it solution. An effective MPS provider offers continuous support and maintenance to ensure an optimal print environment. MPS includes regular servicing of equipment, timely supply of consumables, and prompt resolution of any issues. Furthermore, as your business evolves, your MPS provider will adjust your print strategy accordingly to accommodate size, scope, or objectives changes.

Improved Document Workflow

In addition to managing the physical print environment, Managed Print Services also optimize your document workflow. MPS can involve automating repetitive tasks, digitizing paper-based processes, and implementing document management systems. These improvements save time, reduce paper usage, and enhance data security and compliance.

Secure Printing

Data security is a critical concern for businesses today, and your print environment is not immune to this risk. MPS providers implement robust security measures to protect your sensitive information. This includes secure print release, where print jobs are held until the user authenticates at the device, preventing unauthorized access to printed documents. Additionally, MPS providers can monitor print activity for unusual behavior, further safeguarding your data.


In today's fast-paced business environment, IT professionals need solutions that streamline operations, cut costs, and reduce risks. Managed Print Services presents a compelling solution, transforming print fleet management from a pain point to a strategic asset. Adopting an MPS program allows your company to achieve a sustainable, efficient, and secure print environment. This will enable your IT team to focus on what truly matters - driving your business forward.

Remember, the right MPS provider can make all the difference. Choose a provider with a proven track record and a comprehensive service offering to maximize the benefits of Managed Print Services.

Experience the difference with Managed Print Services and propel your business to the next level of efficiency, security, and cost savings. Take back control of your print environment, and let your IT team shine where they are genuinely needed.

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