Top 10 Essential Features of Sharp Copiers for Businesses

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In today's fast-paced business world, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount. Choosing the right printer or copier can significantly impact your workflow, productivity, and bottom line. People recognize Sharp printers' and copiers' reliability, innovation, and user-friendly features. But with many options available, navigating the selection process can be overwhelming.

This comprehensive blog delves into the top 10 essential features to look for when choosing a Sharp copier or printer. We will show you the best Sharp copier options and how they can improve your business.

1. Mobile Printing

Mobile printing lets users print from smartphones, tablets, laptops, or any mobile device without connecting to a printer physically. In today's fast-paced and mobile-driven world, having access to mobile print is no longer a luxury. Various options can achieve mobile printing including:

  • Cloud-based printing: Users upload documents to a cloud server and then send them to the designated printer.
  • Direct Wi-Fi printing: Devices connect directly to the printer's Wi-Fi network for printing.
  • Mobile print apps: Apps such as AirPrint allow users to find and print to compatible printers within their network.

With mobile print, staff are no longer tethered to their desks. They can print from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Mobile printing enables better collaboration by allowing team members to share and print documents from anywhere. 

Mobile printing allows sales teams to print contracts on the go, securing deals quickly. Field technicians can print invoices and delivery confirmations on the road. Remote workers no longer need to come to the office to print.

2. Cloud Integration

Cloud integration allows your copier or multifunction device to connect with various cloud storage services. These services include Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, and others. With these powerful tools, your business can:

  • Scan documents to the cloud to eliminate the need for physical storage.
  • Provide access to documents from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Access and print files stored in the cloud directly to your copier or printer.
  • Streamline workflows by integrating your copier with other business apps like CRMs, document management platforms, etc.

Cloud integration creates real-time document sharing for workers on the go or working remotely. It also allows you to track project progress, share documents and receive updates in real-time. Automating tasks like scanning, printing, and routing documents streamlines workflows, reducing manual jobs and increasing efficiency.

With cloud integration, your business can safely and securely store documents in the cloud with advanced encryption technology. Scanned data also protects your business from accidental data loss or hardware failure. Finally, users need only to print the documents they need, thus lowering print costs.

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3. Security Features

Protecting sensitive information is paramount for businesses of all sizes. Sharp copiers and printers provide comprehensive security features to safeguard your confidential documents. These features include:

  • AES 256-bit encryption, the highest level of data security available, scrambles information stored on the device's hard drive.
  • Secure Boot and BIOS Integrity Check ensures Sharp copiers start only with approved firmware to prevent security breaches.
  • Sharp's Trusted Platform Module is a dedicated chip on the copier motherboard that stores encrypted keys and other sensitive information. This adds an extra layer of protection against software attacks.
  • Bitdefender Anti-Malware Protection, a leading anti-malware solution, provides real-time protection against viruses, worms, trojans and other malicious software.
  • User authentication and access control with passwords, PIN codes or badge cards ensures that only authorized personnel can access sensitive documents and functions.
  • Sharp erases data from the copier hard drive, making it impossible to recover. This protects against data recovery attempts in case of security breaches.

Your copier, connected to your network, is an endpoint like any other device on your network. Sharp copiers and printers have strong security features that meet industry regulations like GDPR and HIPAA. They also protect your data with reduced risk of a data breach and peace of mind that your business information is safe and secure.

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4. Advanced Finishing Options

Sharp copiers are more than just a copy machine or printer. They are powerful tools to create professional documents and streamline workflows. Some advanced finishing options to help you create high-quality documents include:

  • Booklet makers that automatically fold and staple documents to create professional booklets, brochures and reports.
  • Saddle stitching securely binds large documents like manuals and proposals by folding them in the center.
  • Trimmers will automatically cut the edges of documents to ensure a clean and professional appearance.
  • Two- or three-hole punching automatically punches document holes for easy filing and organization.
  • Folding features on your copier can fold papers in various ways, such as letter folds, z-folds, and tri-folds. This saves time compared to manual folding.
  • Perfect binding creates a professional and durable binding for documents using glue or heat, like commercially bound books.

Advanced finishing options create polished, professional documents that impress clients, prospects and stakeholders. Streamline manual processes such as hole punching and folding and reduce costs by eliminating manual tasks.

5. High Print Speed and Volume

Businesses need fast and efficient printing solutions to stay productive and efficient. Sharp copiers have a stellar reputation for delivering impressive performance, meeting the needs of even the most demanding workloads. Sharp offers devices ranging from 30 to 120 pages per minute. 

Sharp copiers also have robust paper-handling capabilities with high monthly print volumes ranging from 5,000 to 250,000 impressions. This ensures your device can handle the demands of even the most print-intensive environments. 

High print speeds mean less wait time for documents and more time for business-critical tasks. High print volumes reduce downtime by printing large jobs without frequently refilling paper trays.

6. Intuitive Touchscreen Display

User-friendly interfaces are essential for streamlining workflows and improving efficiency. Sharp's award-winning, intuitive touchscreen displays make operating your device effortless, even for users with limited technical expertise. The display includes:

  • Large and vibrant displays provide crisp visuals and a comfortable viewing experience.
  • A customizable interface allows users to personalize the home screen with frequently used functions and features for easy access.
  • The icon-based layout uses simple and recognizable images for easy navigation.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality allows users to move and arrange items on the screen.
  • Built-in help functionality provides immediate assistance with any questions.

The Sharp touchscreen is user-friendly, reducing training time and helping users become skilled quickly. The display suits users of all technical backgrounds and promotes inclusivity and equal technological access.

7. Automatic Toner Replenishment

Keeping your Sharp device running smoothly and ensuring you have enough toner can consume much time. At Fraser, we offer automated toner replenishment for all our customers. This program:

  • Monitors toner levels remotely with our Smart Connect Tool
  • When toner levels reach set thresholds, an automated trigger orders toner for the device.
  • Delivers toner to the device's location without any member of your staff having to call in for assistance.

Automatic toner replenishment eliminates manual monitoring and reduces downtime for toner issues. The program also helps you avoid overstocking or running out of toner with just-in-time delivery. Your business can relax knowing that Fraser automatically handles your toner needs.

8. Integration with Existing Workflow Solutions

Copiers aren't just powerful printers. They are versatile tools that can integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity. Here are some key integrations available for your Sharp copier:

  • Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive let users scan and print from the cloud, making work easier and more efficient.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, including SAP, Oracle NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics 365. This lets you automate data entry by capturing information directly from documents and feeding it into your ERP system. 
  • Document Management Systems, including SharePoint, DocuWare and more. This allows you to centralize document storage and retrieval, track version control and audit trails and enhance document security.
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions like Apple Business Manager, Microsoft Intune, VMware Workspace One and more. This allows you to print documents from mobile devices anytime and improve workflow efficiency.
  • Workflow Automation Platforms like Zapier and Integromat. This allows you to automate tasks based on pre-defined rules and eliminates the need for manual intervention.

Integrating solutions with copiers and printers boosts productivity by automating tasks and processes for faster results. You can improve data accuracy from manual data entry and team collaboration with document sharing. Finally, securely store and access sensitive data with integrated user authentication and access controls.

9. Eco-Friendly Features

When your business wants to reduce its impact on the environment, you need devices that help you reach that goal. Sharp copiers offer a wide range of eco-friendly features to help you create a greener operation including:

  • ENERGY STAR® certifications.
  • Low power consumption through advanced technologies to minimize energy usage during operation and sleep mode.
  • Automatic power-saving modes to reduce energy consumption when devices are not in use.
  • Automatic duplex print to use both sides of the paper for printing by default.
  • Manufacturing with a high percentage of recyclable materials.
  • Fraser's toner recycling program.

These environmentally friendly practices help businesses reduce environmental impact while embracing sustainability and operating responsibly.

10. Reliable Support and Service

When buying a Sharp copier, you need a trustworthy partner to guarantee good performance and a long lifespan. Fraser Advanced Information Systems is proud to receive the Sharp Triple A Platinum Service Award. This award is the highest recognition given to authorized Sharp dealers. Our service and support includes:

  • Professional delivery, installation and setup
  • Onsite maintenance and repairs
  • Remote troubleshooting to resolve minor issues without dispatching a technician
  • Preventive maintenance to keep your devices in peak condition
  • Genuine Sharp supplies and parts for your device
  • User training by our corporate trainer to ensure your employees are comfortable with new devices

All these service aspects increase your uptime and productivity, ensuring your device is always ready when needed. 

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