Print Fleet Management - The Secret of REALLY Productive Companies

We've all experienced it.  You have a huge sales meeting with a potential new client in exactly one hour.  And at that exact moment, your MFP decides to malfunction and your IT staff has no idea how to fix it or any print fleet management.  Off you run to Staples to get it printed, risking being late to meet this amazing potential new client.  In the meantime, your competitor, who utilizes a managed print services partner to service their printers and copiers, is enjoying a latte at Starbucks and will arrive a few minutes early, cool as a cucumber to meet the same potential client.

Irritated when you arrive back at the office because your meeting was cut short because you were late, you see the MFP is STILL not working.  IT says they found someone who can come look at it tomorrow.  Little good that did for you today.

Every business has printing needs - invoices to customers, marketing materials that need to be mailed, board presentations, HIPAA compliance forms - you name it, someone needs to print something all the time.  Your print fleet is an integral part of your office productivity, and many companies try to save a little extra money by managing it themselves.  I mean, if you have an in-house IT group, why can't they handle it?  Aren't you paying them enough for that?!

Here's the thing - just because you have an IT department and capable people doesn't mean they should be working on your print fleet.  Smart companies focus their core people and strengths on THEIR business.  The IT team should be working on the new ERP system that will make ordering and shipping a SNAP for your company, thus increasing your bottom line.  Outsourcing your print fleet management to an expert in that area frees up IT to do the job you need them for.

Let's face it - you probably wouldn't try to put a new roof on your house because it leaks.  Sure, you could go to YouTube and see a video on how to put a new roof on - and then spend an inordinate amount of time figuring out how you're going to source all those shingles and nails and get up on the roof.  At the end of the day, you will trust a professional who will do it faster, better and more easily than you can do it.  So if this is the case, why are you still managing your print fleet?

Even businesses with superstar IT staffs outsource the management of their print fleet with a managed print services partner.  Copiers and printers are complex devices with tons of moving parts and increasingly sophisticated functionality.  To stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of printing, you need continual training - which our technicians get on the order of 125-150 hours a year!  With all of the other issues your IT group has to worry about - network security, patch management, data backup, planning for the future, supporting your users, it's really not possible for them to stay up on the latest and greatest in copier and printer maintenance and repair.

Fraser has all of these services at the ready for your company.  We will come visit you at your location and do an in-depth analysis of your print environment, learn how your company can save money, and take over the management of the fleet.  

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