Fraser Award Winners - Fraser Amazers and Sacks of Cash

Fraser AwardsEach year, Fraser Advanced Information Systems holds our Annual Awards Dinner to honor the achievements of our employees over the past year. We will feature award winners every day this week as we show off the accomplishments of our amazing staff. Today's award winners are our Fraser Amazers and our Sacks of Cash Winners.

In 2022, our Major Account Team Manager, Rich DeGuiseppi, was approached by a local physician who was working on providing aid and resources to schools and healthcare facilities in Lebanon to rebuild after the 2020 Beirut port explosion. Because of the level of poverty and high needs, Catholic Medical Foundation asked Fraser to provide a donation of copiers for the local school. The local schools cannot afford to purchase textbooks, so they must provide students with photocopies of learning materials to be able to teach their lessons. This was a no-brainer for Rich and Fraser. Within a week, copiers were prepared and ready to be sent to Lebanon. It gives us so much joy to be able to assist in this life-changing work with Catholic Medical Foundation. Kudos to Rich DeGuiseppi for setting up this wonderful opportunity.


Sacks of Cash are rewards that Fraser employees receive in addition to their regular compensation. Staff can earn Sacks of Cash in one of two ways:

  1.  Be nominated by another colleague or manager for putting forth an effort that is above and beyond the staff member's regular job description, or
  2.  Be named in a client feedback survey directly for outstanding customer service during a service call, supply order or remote installation.

In 2022, Fraser employees earned a total of 2,454 Sacks of Cash totaling over $43,000. The following employees earned the most individual Sacks of Cash for the calendar year 2022:

  1.  Ed Padilla, Field Service Engineer earned 192 Sacks of Cash
  2.  Casey O'Donnell, Field Service Engineer earned 140 Sacks of Cash
  3.  Ruben Luciano, Field Service Engineer earned 77 Sacks of Cash
  4.  Kim Roth, Client Implementation Specialist earned 72 Sacks of Cash
  5.  Jerome Mayo, Field Service Engineer earned 69 Sacks of Cash

Congratulations to these Fraser employees on their outstanding achievements! Stay tuned as we focus on more award winners this week!