National Cybersecurity Awareness Month - What You Need to Know!

Think back to 20 years ago.  While we had cellphones, we didn't use them for email, online shopping, surfing the web or social media.  That was all reserved for our computers, which were bulky [...]

How To Save Time And Money With Document Management

For as long as businesses have existed, paper has been there.  Whether it is forms, invoices, communications, reports - it all exists on paper.  Massive filing cabinets filled with it; warehouses [...]

Ransomware Brings Down Dental Offices Around the U.S.

Last week, more than 400 dental practices around the United States had their computers shut down by a ransomware attack.  The company Digital Dental Record or DDR that provides online services to [...]

Why To Switch to a Hosted (PBX) Business Phone System

For many business owners and companies, when a system works, there is no reason to look into other options around the system.  The telephone systems in your office are often thought of in this [...]

Finding the Best Managed IT Services Near Me

Searching for the best managed IT (information technology) services for your business is hard work.  There are lots of questions to ask to make sure you're getting the best fit for you.  There are [...]

How Managed Print Services Help Your Business

We've been hearing about the paperless office for nearly three decades now - a utopia of clutter-free desks and offices with no big bulky file cabinets.  The reality is that the paperless office, [...]

Ransomware Attacks Hit Three Florida Cities

Ransomware attacks are on the rise across the country.  No greater example of this is the recent rash of ransomware attacks on Florida cities.  Over the last several weeks, three Florida cities [...]

Budget-Friendly IT Strategies For Small Businesses

New technologies emerge every day for business.  Whether it's artificial intelligence, cybersecurity or the latest and greatest gadgets, there are always new technologies to consider.  For small [...]

Finding the Best Copier Dealer Near Me

Finding the best copier dealer near you can be daunting.  Maybe you're looking for a brand new device, or it could be you're trying to find reliable repair services.  No matter the reason for your [...]

Employee Cybersecurity Training - What's the Big Deal?

You've heard of the dangers - phishing, malware, ransomware, spam, hacking, social engineering.  What if there was a way to protect your business from these dangers?  The easiest line of defense may [...]

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