Fixing and Avoiding Common Copier Issues

office-spaceEvery day in offices across the world, there is a frustrated worker who is taking aim at the copier with their foot.  Who hasn't wanted to re-enact the classic scene from Office Space (you'll thank us for this entertainment!) where they destroy the printer?  If you work in an office with copiers or printers, we've all been there.  Before you get out your trusty Louisville Slugger, check out our list of common copier issues and how to fix them quickly.


The Dreaded Paper Jam

Paper jams happen for a ton of different reasons, but there are things you can do to prevent them from happening.

  • Wrong paper size - Make sure you're using the right size paper for the job your printing, and make sure the copier is set for the size paper you're using.
  • Misplaced drawer guides - The drawer guides in your paper drawers are adjustable so you can use one tray for different paper sizes.  That being said, if you adjust it to 11 x 17 to print out some accounting documents, you'll have to move it back to then print out your latest emails.  When you adjust these guides, make sure the guides are snug against the edge of the paper.
  • Paper settings - When you're using different types of paper, such as card stock or linen stock, the copier's paper settings needs to be changed so that the operations of the copier are compatible with the paper you're using. This also helps to avoid smears on paper!
  • Humidity - Ok, so you can't always control if it's humid outside, but you can help your paper by fanning the edges on humid days.  Paper that sits in the drawer will absorb moisture from the air.  If fanning the paper doesn't rectify the problem, you may have to replace the paper.  We always recommend storing paper in a cool, dry place, and never take paper out of its wrapper until it's ready to be printed on.
  • If you've made all of these changes and you're still experiencing paper jams, you may have worn rollers on your device.  Over time, rollers can wear, causing paper to slip and jam.  This is an issue that should be handled by one of our factory certified technicians.

Those black lines on your documents

There's nothing worse than when you're trying to print out a presentation or proposal and black lines appear down the pages.  In some instances, this can be caused by dirt or debris on the glass of the device. To fix this, clean the glass of your device with some glass cleaner and a soft cloth.  You can also try to line up the mark on the paper with the glass and see if there may be debris on the edge of the glass and clean that as well.  If this doesn't solve the issue, there is likely an issue with the device, such as a drum blade malfunction.  You should contact your provider to have a factory certified technician handle the repair.

Spots on your documents

Just like with lines on your documents, spots or specks may also appear when you're printing, copying or scanning.  If the spots are appearing in the same location every time, there is likely smudges or debris on your copier glass.  Again, cleaning with some glass cleaner and a soft cloth should rectify the issue.  But if the spots appear in random places and change location, there could be an issue with the drum of the machine.  Contact your provider to have a factory certified technician to help you with this issue.

Wrinkles on your pages

Did you ever go pick up your printed job only to see that your pages have wrinkles?  How does this even happen??  Well when your feed rollers wear out, they can often wrinkle or crumple the paper when pulling the paper in. This issue is best left for your factory certified technician to fix!

So the next time you feel like throwing the copier down the stairs or out the window, remember, a couple simple fixes could be the answer to your problem.  As always, if you're not comfortable with any of the fixes, contact your factory certified technicians to get professional assistance.  At Fraser, all of our technicians are factory certified by both Sharp and Canon, so they are fully prepared to tackle your copier issues and get you up and running quickly!