Sharp and Alexa for Business Create the Smart Office

We've all seen Alexa and how she works with the Internet of Things to make our homes smart.  Whether it's turning on lights, adjusting your thermostat or seeing if you need milk, all of these things can now be done with Alexa and Amazon.  Imagine that same smart technology helping to make your business run efficiently.  It's called the Smart Office, and it's coming soon!

Sharp has partnered with Amazon Web Services to make the Smart Office a reality.  Amazon Web Services new Alexa for Business allows employees to use voice commands to copy, scan, schedule meeting rooms, start conference calls and complete many other daily tasks.  And it's as simple saying, "Alexa, ask Sharp to make a copy" or "Alexa, scan my document."

Smart Office Alexa Sharp and Fraser Make Your Office Smart


As the first and only MFP provider working with Alexa for Business today, Sharp is providing key capabilities to customers by working with the service designed specifically for business.  Integrating Alexa for Business will allow Sharp's customers to interact through simple, verbal commands with their Sharp Digital MFPs and the rest of the Sharp B2B portofolio, including Aquos Board interactive display systems.  This will work to improve overall usability and minimize the necessity for product-specific training.

Vince Jannelli, Associate Vice President of Software Product Management with Sharp stated, "We are very excited to be the first MFP provider working with Alexa for Business.  This feature is an important step in bringing Sharp's vision for an open, smart workplace to life, providing greater value to our business customers."

Sharp's strategic alliance with Amazon will allow Sharp MFP and Aquos Board users to do so much more will less time and effort.

While Alexa for Business is available today, Fraser is currently in beta testing with Sharp to teach Alexa to work with the Sharp MFP.  Stay tuned, as we will soon release a product video showing you just how Sharp and Fraser will work to make your ordinary office smart!