Laser vs. Inkjet: Which Better Suits Your Business Needs?

Selecting a new printer for your office can be a bit of a daunting task.  There's so many models, features to look at, toner choices and more to think about.  The decision to purchase new printers is certainly one that requires some homework on your part.  One of the most important factors to consider is the decision whether to opt for a laser printer or an inkjet model.  Determining which of these printing technologies is right for your office often comes down to your needs and what matters most to you.

To make an educated decision, consider the following:

Laser printers rely on a powder called toner that is electrically charged and heated to bind it with paper with the help of a drum and a fuser.  Better suited for larger workspaces that need to print high volumes of documents at a high rate of speed, laser printers will certainly come through when you're looking for high-quality black text and color graphics.

Laser Printer Pros:

Inkjet printers, as their name implies, print using a liquid ink that is heated and distributed in droplets from nozzles.  They are a good fit for a small business or home offices that won't be producing large quantities of documents.  Inkjet printers are best suited for low- to medium-volume black and white documents and high-quality images or photographs.

Inkjet Printer Pros:

So how does the laserjet vs. inkjet matchup shake out?  Basically, if you're going to be printing at a decent volume, with documents of multiple pages and are looking for durability with a lower cost of ownership, the laser printer is the better option.  However, if you're going to be printing documents with images or high-quality graphics, don't require crisp text, or are looking for a lower initial cost, then an inkjet would better suit your needs.  At Fraser, we have a huge selection of printers for businesses to choose from and can help you make the selection that will most benefit your business.

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