Production Printing - Why In-House Options Are Right For Your Business

production printingWhile the internet, TV, video and social media can disseminate your company's message across many channels, printed collateral still plays a big role in branding for businesses.  Posters, flyers, brochures, infographics and direct mail are all used to help convey the benefits of a business to potential customers.  The cost of outsourcing these jobs often limits companies in the amount of branding they can commit to.  But investment in production printing in-house may be the answer to these challenges.  Here are four things to consider when making the jump to in-house production printing.


Every business runs on a budget, and outsourcing print has often been thought of as a more cost-effective option for many.  But that line of thought may be changing as businesses continue to see outsourced print costs rise.  Many businesses also believe they don't have the capital to invest in a production print machine, or that they won't use the device enough to justify the cost of the purchase.  To decide if in-house production print is the right avenue for your business, consider what you are currently paying for outsourced printing.  Think about the jobs that you are sending out for printing and how often you're utilizing those services.  Also consider the amount of marketing materials you may end up discarding because the information inside is stale or old.  There's definitely more to the cost than just what you're paying the printer!

In many cases, companies that bring their printing in-house realize while there are higher upfront costs to acquire a device, in the long run, they will see savings as they print more and more materials because the device is readily available when they need it.

Professional Results

When you send a job out to a printer, you feel as if you're getting professional results that you can't achieve in your own office.  Today's production printer are easier than ever to use, and you can print pieces that look as good or better than what you pay at the professional printer.  With our in-house production specialist and the plethora of online training available, you will easily be able to learn the ins and outs of a production device at a fraction of what you're paying an outside printer.

In-House Control

Many times when utilizing an outside printer, in-house designers tend to lose quality control over their designs.  With in-house production print, your marketing staff will control how their work looks and feels.  There are tools that allow you to control colors to ensure exact matches for your branding.  You get to work on your own timeline rather than that of the outside printer.  This allows you the flexibility to do short runs of your jobs so your content stays fresh with little to no waste on outdated materials.  Most importantly, you don't have to worry about having the job to the printer by a specific time because they close soon.  Your equipment is always at the ready when you need it to create your work, and if it's a rush job, there are no extra fees if you own that equipment.

Document Security

Whether you are printing documents with sensitive information or launching a new product that you need to keep under wraps until it's ready to roll, sending your jobs to outside printers means you lose control over document security.  With in-house production printing, you are able to control who sees what documents when and ensures that nobody outside of your organization gets their hands on your documents before you want them to.  Keeping copyrighted material and intellectual property safe and secure is a priority to all businesses, and when you print it in-house, you get to control it.

These are just a few reasons why in-house production print may be right for your business.  At Fraser, we have production print specialists who deal specifically with this type of equipment and can help you determine just what devices may be right for your company.  So take a look at your outsourced printing costs, and then contact us to help you do what's best for your business!