Temperature Scanning for Workplace Safety

livmoteOn November 23, 2020, Pennsylvania employers received new mitigation measures to enact to help curb the spread of COVID-19. While some of these requirements were already in place from an April 15th order, several new provisions became active. One of those measures was the temperature screening of employees before entering their workplace before the start of every workday or shift. Companies must send employees with an elevated temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher home. Before November 23, required temperature screenings were only needed after an employer's workplace was exposed to a confirmed or probable COVID case.

Taking employee temperatures can be an arduous task, and keeping a record of them is even more work. Simple digital thermometers and paper records involve much human labor and can also lead to human error. Today we have temperature scanning solutions that can automate compliance with state regulations and make them much more manageable.

You may have seen advertisements for temperature scanning kiosks. The devices use infrared technology to identify someone and scan for their temperature quickly. Unlike with hand-held thermometers, these kiosks are non-contact to minimize touch interaction with the device and human interaction with those taking and recording temperatures. Temperature scanning kiosks also have less variability in their readings, so the results you get are much more accurate than other temperature screening methods.

With some temperature kiosks, the device will utilize facial recognition technology to identify the person being scanned. Other models use RFID/NFC and QR readings to allow staff and visitors to log their screening without relying on facial recognition. Once identified, the device's infrared sensor will scan and provide a temperature for each individual. If the temperature provided is higher than the allowed threshold, employees with elevated temperatures can be quickly identified.

Another great feature of temperature kiosks is the ability to create records of temperature readings by individual, so your human resources department has an ongoing history of employee screenings. In the event of a positive COVID case, this can help HR with contact tracing. Because the kiosk can integrate with other third-party software, some devices can be paired with entry systems to admit users that meet standard temperature thresholds. They can also be combined with attendance systems to track the attendance of employees or students at school.

Temperature kiosks are a fantastic tool for doing mass temperature screenings in multiple settings such as businesses, medical facilities, offices, schools and more. And while they don't directly stop the spread of infectious illnesses, they help us prevent the spread by screening those entering our workplaces. Some models also have a feature that detects if the person getting screened is wearing a mask or face covering. The system will alert designated staff if no mask is detected and denies entry if integrated with door systems.

Data security is paramount for keeping information obtained by your temperature kiosk safe from prying eyes. Many devices have some form of built-in protection, offering multiple levels of account security and data-access permissions to meet your organization's needs.
Temperature kiosk installation is simple at your office. Most models have a floor standing option, a wall mount option and a desk mount option. It is crucial that your physical device cannot be tampered with by someone outside of your organization, so look for tamper detection mechanisms with your device.

As all businesses, schools, churches, healthcare facilities, retail establishments, and more continue to navigate this COVID-19 pandemic, we must ensure our employees and visitors' safety and visitors to our physical premises. Temperature kiosks are an easy-to-integrate option to give employees and visitors peace of mind upon entering work and give employers and business owners a system that efficiently handles the temperature screening process.

Fraser is pleased to offer the LivMote Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer System for your temperature screening needs. Learn more about the LivMote and how your business can stay compliant with all CDC and state government guidelines today.

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