Breaking News:  Wawa Announces Major Data Breach

wawa-logo-500x400If you live in Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Delaware, you've likely gotten gas, a cup of coffee or a hoagie at your local Wawa.  Wawa is a $10B convenience store and gas station with over 800 stores across the area.  Today, the CEO of Wawa, announced a major data security incident.  Malware was discovered on Wawa's payment processing servers, and this malware affected customer payment card information used at, in Wawa's words "potentially all Wawa  locations beginning at different points in time after March 4, 2019 and until it was contained on December 12, 2019," per the CEO's announcement.  

Wawa is providing resources for customers who may have been breached by this incident, including one year of ID protection services through Experian, as well as a free credit report.  People who feel they may be affected can visit Wawa's website for more information on those services.

Throughout 2019, Fraser has been committed to reporting on major data breaches and cybersecurity attacks that happen to educate customers and visitors to our site on the dangers of data breaches to businesses.  It truly is a matter of when and not if a business will experience this type of situation in their own company.  As we continue to follow this story, we will update this post with tips on how you can protect your business from security and data breaches.  

If you believe your business has been experienced a data breach or cybersecurity attack and you need assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to us, and our Managed IT team will be happy to discuss it with you.

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