Are You Making The Most Of Your MFP?

Are-you-making-the-most-of-your-MFPHow many times have you walked up to your MFP to print or make a copy?  Maybe you've even scanned a document or two.  But you do know there's so much more you can do with your MFP, right?

  1.  Save Time, Increase Efficiency - Start and finish a document distribution task right from the MFP touch screen display.  This allows you to scan documents to e-mail, network folders, USB devices and more with an available retractable keyboard.
  2.  Protect Your Data - Data encryption, data overwrite protection and confidential printing are just a few of the security features accessible from today's MFPs.  No need for documents to be sitting in the exit tray, waiting to be read by someone who shouldn't!
  3. Accessorize & Finish With Style - Make your documents stand out from the crowd with high-performance finishers that give your documents a professional look.  We have compact inner finishers for those who have limited space, high-capacity floor-standing saddle-stitch finishers and even in-line stapling.  And if you just need to hold your three sheets of paper together, you can always try the stapleless fastening on most Sharp machines.

These are just a couple tips to help you find out all the things you can do at the MFP, the hub of your Smart Office!