Six Things To Know Before Buying Your Next Office Copier

Six Things To Know Before Buying Your Next CopierWhen it's time for your business to purchase or lease your next office copier, you'll likely do a whole bunch of research on it.  You'll look for the best value, the copier speed, any awards the copier may have won and some good product reviews.  Those are all fantastic things to take into consideration.  But here are six often overlooked things to take into consideration as you do that research.
  1. Color increases readers' attention spans and recall by 82%!  Consider all of the things you print and copy from your office copier.  How many times has a colleague come up to you and said, "hey, can you resend me that document on the new project?  I don't remember it!".  Now imagine that the readers of your documents receive crisp, clear, color documents!  And imagine customers receiving beautifully rendered marketing materials IN COLOR!  According to a Loyola College Case Study, color in your printed material increases readers' attention spans and recall by 82%.  THAT is a result you can get behind!  Our Sharp Color Advanced and Essentials Series MFPs utilize an innovative Color Consistency System that delivers high-quality color output and helps maintain optimum image balance and density, page after page.
  2. Can I actually print something from my smartphone or tablet easily?! Whether it's an email message, a PowerPoint slide or even a boarding pass, mobile users want to print.  A study by IDC shows more than 35% of mobile device users want to print items from the device but can't or don't know how!  Imagine if your new equipment supported popular mobile printing technologies at no extra cost.  The Sharp Color Advanced and Essentials Series MFPs make it easy to embrace today's BYOD (bring your own device) mentality in the office by doing just that.
  3. Most walk-up MFP users only know how to use a few features on their copier!  Ever walked up to your copier and said "what are all these buttons for?  I just need to make a copy!".  You're not alone, but there is a ton of functionality in your copier that can make your job and life a little easier.  With Sharp's Color Advanced and Essentials Series, the copier just became easier.  Its award-winning 10.1" intuitive color touchscreen mimics tablet-style navigation, which in turn makes it easier to find features easily.  Even the copier novice in your office will be able to pick up advanced features and setup jobs that will deliver professional results.
  4. How long does it take this copier to warm up?!  Have you ever gone to the copier first thing in the morning and it's still asleep?  Did you know that workgroup users spend up to 50 HOURS PER MONTH waiting for the copier to rise and shine?!  With the Sharp Color Advanced and Essentials Series, the copier warms up in half the time, and you can get your printing and copying done faster.  Who couldn't use an extra couple of minutes each day NOT WAITING!?
  5. The copier is out of toner and have you seen the supply closet?!  You're running late for your big presentation, and all you want to do is print the documents you need and go.  There it is, the dreaded out of toner message.  The last time you ventured into the supply closet, there were at least 50 different types of boxes that the office manager said were toner.  How the heck can you know which one to select?  With the Sharp Color Advanced and Essentials Series, all of these MFPs use one type of toner cartridge for each color.  So whether your 30 page per minute machine is out of magenta or the 60 page per minute device needs black, they both are exactly the same type of toner cartridge, minimizing the need to stock many different toners.  Now if only someone could clean out the office fridge!
  6. There's data on the copier?!  Sounds crazy, but it's true.  Nearly 60% of companies have had a data breach through their copier at some point.  Based on an Infotrends study, improving security is the top priority for major document intensive vertical markets.  With the Sharp Color Advanced and Essentials Series, you get a standard security suite including 256-bit data encryption, up to 10 times data overwrite protection and a convenient End-of-Lease feature that erases all business and personal information from the hard drive at the time of trade-in.  These features keep your data safe and ensure your valuable information isn't sent somewhere else when your lease is up.  Peace of mind for sure!

So now that you have a little more research to look into, make sure to take all of these items into consideration when selecting your next copier.  With Fraser and Sharp, we can save you valuable time and resources and make your ordinary office SMART.  Contact us today to learn how the Sharp Color Advanced and Essentials Series can work for you.