Five Reasons to Automate Print Workflows to Increase Efficiencies

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The print industry is evolving, and changes are happening more quickly than ever. Customers' expectations are driving up the complexity and personalization of jobs, pushing the boundaries of printer creativity and technology. Turnaround times are getting faster, and clients are demanding more inclusive experiences. Automating print workflows to increase your print efficiencies can help you meet client needs and improve operations across the board.

Print Workflow Automation Defined

Businesses have been using automation to solve all sorts of issues, including increasing productivity, reducing human dependency and cutting overhead. The same principles, applied to a printing environment, can provide numerous benefits to print operations. 

Print workflow automation means that each step in your print process is digitally linked to other steps. This creates a series of pre-planned steps that keep the job moving forward. Automation begins with order placing and ends when final products are delivered to clients. The entire process creates a record of information that shows costs, tracks job progress and provides ideas for making the process more efficient. Software is the vehicle that establishes automation in print production workflows.

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Why Do You Need to Automate Print Workflows

Implementing automated print workflows, even in their simplest form, can significantly improve operations' productivity and agility. When these practices are adopted across your company or print shop, the extent to which your operations improve can be incredible. Here are five reasons your business needs to consider automating print workflows.

  1. Reduce mistakes and bottlenecks. Inefficiency is often the result of poor communication. Misunderstandings and delays in communication are common when people share information verbally or via email. By automating the print workflow, you eliminate these problems. With automated messaging and job tracking, you ensure no step is missed, and all deadlines are met.
  2. Faster turnaround for jobs. When figuring out production costs, there are fewer variables when there is more automation. Your print operation can give more accurate and faster job quotes. A faster quote means a customer can make decisions more quickly. All of this makes the turn-around time shorter. This makes customers happy. It also frees up your staff to work on other projects.
  3. Streamline operations. With automation, the most obvious advantage is streamlined operations. With these time and cost-saving processes in place, you can eliminate the variables that hold up production. Using software such as web to print creates a more efficient process that increases speed and reduces errors. This is especially helpful for high-volume jobs with many steps. 
  4. Gain greater control over your brand. One of the biggest issues with printing is the variability created with color and output across a brand. Your company's brand is one of its most valuable assets, and ensuring its integrity is critical. Using software to create templates that everyone can take advantage of keeps messaging and visual aspects locked down while providing an easy way to create new pieces quickly. 
  5. Improve data securityWhether an outside print shop or an in-house printer, you are responsible for keeping data safe from breaches. The printer is the most-often unattended network endpoint in your office, leaving it vulnerable to intrusion. With automation software, you can ensure that the data stored on your devices remains protected from outside hackers and breaches.

Implementing workflow automation in business helps eliminate the issues that can occur from the human error inherent in manual workflows. By adding automated print workflows to your print shop or in-house printing operation, you can create an environment of efficiency, security and productivity that allows you to monitor processes and profitability easily. 

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