Wide Format Printers - What You Need To Know

wideformat2As with most technology, wide format printers have evolved over the years, increasing their value as everyday office tools. Some recent advancements in wide format printing include:

Print speed - While wide format printers enable users to print in sizes not available with traditional printers, this freedom comes at a cost: speed. However, modern wide format machines are faster than ever and are no longer the lumbering devices their predecessors were.

Print sizes – With wide format printing growing in popularity, so has the need for larger-sized outputs. To accommodate this demand, many wide format printers can support rolls of paper up to 64 inches wide.

Print surfaces – Modern wide format printers are capable of printing on a wide variety of media options, including vinyl, textiles, and thick cardboard cartons.

If you're outsourcing a lot of posters, banners or other large jobs at local printers, you can be spending anywhere from $25 to more than $100 to have a poster made.  With a wide format printer at your business, you can do that job for far less money, on your own time and control your colors and branding.

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