How A Wide Format Printer Could Benefit Your Business

wide-formatThe benefit of wide format printers has increased significantly in recent years.  Standard printers provide companies with the ability to produce documents, prepare business presentations and materials and share information with employees and clients.  However, a standard printer doesn't always meet the needs of all businesses.  Wide format printers have evolved, and the primary goal for these devices is to provide crisp, high quality images for businesses ranging from architects to schools to advertising.

So just how can a wide format printer benefit your business?

Benefits of Wide Format Printers

The primary benefit of a wide format printer is its ability to produce high quality graphic images that a standard printer simply cannot match.  Among the many specific benefits are the following:

  • Microdroplet Technology: Wide format printers utilize droplet technology during printing, meaning that microscopic ink droplets and precision ink ejection create high quality images with outstanding image clarity.
  • Smart Technology: Devices are able to accurately distinguish between text and images in a document during the print process, making it easier to produce proper prints with no confusion between text and graphics on the page.
  • Speed: For a business producing multiple large-format posters and prints, a wide format device offers print speeds that can't be matched by a desktop or multifunction device.  The average wide format printer can produce up to 15 posters per hour, all with true clarity and unmatched quality.

With the ability to produce accurate, large format prints featuring high quality images, wide format printers offer businesses the capabilities to create more engaging materials for consumers and clients.   The result is a finished product that can help increase sales, improve brand awareness and enhance visibility for products and services.

What applications can a wide format printer have in different industries?

Architecture, Construction and Interior Design

Businesses that focus on all phases of housing - from interior design and electrical to engineers and homebuilders - can benefit from a wide format printer.  In each of these areas, larger documents with image clarity help convey messages and impress clients.  Let's consider the architect example.  Architects need to produce multiple schematics for a home, laying out the physical structure, its foundation and any additional buildings.  This also applies to commercial design.  A standard 8.5" x 11" document from your average MFP will not accurately convey the vision of this project.  Wide format printers allow architects to print out designs quickly and accurately.

For the housing industry, the benefits are far too numerous to list in full, but the advantage boils down to presentation.  Whether a contractor wants to present a plan for a room or an interior designer wants to show a client a room design concept, wide format printers offer the ability to produce large format documents with images, color and graphics that an MFP cannot achieve.

Marketing and Advertising

In a digital world, traditional marketing and advertising have to truly stand out to be noticed.  They need to feature rich colors and graphics as well as a logo that captures the imagination.  The average advertisement has just seconds to grab a potential customer's attention and convey its message.  Whether an in-house marketing department or an agency with multiple clients, wide format printers can provide all of this.

Using a wide format printer, marketers can create visually stunning campaigns with graphic-rich posters and banner ads with quality images for display in offices or public places.  Wide format printers give marketing and advertising professionals the power to enhance brand awareness and boost the visibility for a product or service within a specific industry.

Schools, Healthcare and Entertainment

Wide format printers aren't just for architects and advertising.  School districts can produce informational posters and banners for display in the school or promotional materials for extracurricular activities.  Hospitals and healthcare systems use wide format printers to create display banners and posters to print signage to inform patients and staff with specific messaging.  They can also create banners to support their local philanthropy efforts.  Casinos are always looking to attract customer attention, and the wide format printer creates engaging posters and materials designed to catch consumers' eyes.  Whether promoting events like bands or comedy shows or informing customers of special bonus programs, wide format printers can get these jobs done quickly and accurately.

Businesses can easily own a wide format printer and end the expense and inconvenience of outsourcing their printing needs.  With the average cost to print just 2' x 3' poster at your local print shop at around $40, a wide format printer can do that for just pennies, and your business controls the content, the color management and can print on your own time.

Reach out to our wide format print specialists today to see if wide format printers are a fit for your business.