How Your Printers Are Silently Stealing Your Profits

printer silent thief

Imagine this: you're working hard to run your business smoothly, but unexpected costs from your office printers are holding you back. Unchecked printing costs and inefficiencies can quietly sabotage your financial health. But there’s a solution that’s as powerful as it is simple: Managed Print Services (MPS).

In our latest blog post, we unravel the mystery of how MPS can help you regain control, cut costs, and boost productivity. Don’t let your printers bleed you dry—read on to discover how you can safeguard your profits today.

The True Cost of Printing: Are You Aware?

When you think about printing costs, you might only consider the obvious expenses like paper and ink. However, the true cost of printing extends far beyond these visible expenses. Let’s delve deeper to understand the full scope of printing costs and how they can quietly drain your profits.

Breaking Down the Real Expenses

Direct Costs: Ink, Paper, and Hardware Every print job consumes ink and paper, which are the most apparent costs. But don't forget about the hardware itself. Printers, especially high-capacity models, can be a significant investment. Over time, these direct costs add up, impacting your budget more than you might realize.

Indirect Costs: Maintenance, Downtime, and IT Support Beyond the direct costs, several indirect expenses often go unnoticed. Regular maintenance is essential to keep printers running smoothly, which can be costly. Downtime because of printer malfunctions disrupts workflow and productivity. Additionally, your IT department spends valuable time troubleshooting printer issues, diverting their focus from more critical tasks.

Surprising Hidden Costs

Uncontrolled Print Jobs Many offices do not closely monitor printing activities, leading to uncontrolled print jobs. This lack of oversight leads to unnecessary print jobs, redundant copies, and excessive printing of non-essential documents. These hidden costs can significantly inflate your overall printing expenses.

Excessive Color Printing Color printing is considerably more expensive than black-and-white printing. Without proper management, employees may use color printing for documents that don't require it, further escalating costs. Better oversight can easily reduce the common hidden expense of unchecked color printing.

By knowing both the obvious and hidden costs, you can see how uncontrolled printing can quietly eat into your profits. Using Managed Print Service (MPS) can control costs and make printing efficient and affordable for your business.

The Plague of Unmanaged Print Environments

An unmanaged print environment can be a silent profit killer in any organization. Improperly managing printing practices can cause problems that affect your profits. Let’s explore the common issues faced in unmanaged print environments and their consequences.

expensesHigh Costs That Drain Your Budget

One of the most significant issues in an unmanaged print environment is the high and often unpredictable costs. From buying excess supplies to unnecessary print jobs, the expenses can quickly add up. Many businesses are shocked when they finally calculate the total cost of their printing activities. Without a clear strategy, you might be throwing money away on inefficient printing practices.

Chaos and Lack of Control

Chaos ensues when no system is in place to manage and monitor printing activities. Employees print whatever they want, whenever they want, leading to a lack of control. This unchecked printing can result in wasted resources and a cluttered workspace. Establishing rules and monitoring usage is essential to maintain order and efficiency.

Downtime Disasters

Frequent printer breakdowns and maintenance issues are common in unmanaged environments. These disruptions cause significant downtime, halt productivity and frustrate employees. Unreliable printers can become a bottleneck, delaying important tasks and projects. Regular maintenance and timely repairs are crucial to keeping print operations running smoothly.

Security Nightmares

Many people often overlook printers as potential security risks. In an unmanaged print environment, sensitive documents can easily fall into the wrong hands. Unsecured printers can also be a gateway for cyberattacks, compromising your company's data. Implementing security measures, such as secure print release and user verification, is vital to protect your information.

Environmental Fallout

Inefficient printing practices have a direct impact on the environment. Unnecessary printing leads to excessive paper waste, and energy-hungry printers contribute to higher electricity consumption. Reducing your environmental footprint requires adopting sustainable printing practices, such as double-sided printing and using recycled paper.

Workflow Bottlenecks

Manual document handling and inefficient printing processes can slow down your workflow. Without proper management, employees spend too much time dealing with printing issues instead of focusing on their core responsibilities. Streamlining printing processes and automating routine tasks can significantly boost productivity.

Addressing these issues can improve your print environment. It will help you transform chaotic and resource-draining print into well-managed, efficient and cost-effective print. Managed Print Services (MPS) can optimize and secure printing activities by providing the necessary tools and expertise.

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Managed Print Services: Your Profit Protector

In today’s fast-paced business environment, every dollar counts. Managed Print Services (MPS) can be a game-changer, helping you reclaim profits that unmanaged printing silently steals away. Here’s how MPS protects your profits, addressing common pain points and delivering substantial benefits.

Slashing Costs Efficiently

One of MPS's most compelling benefits is its ability to reduce printing costs significantly. MPS providers thoroughly assess your printing needs and habits, identifying areas where you can cut expenses. By optimizing your print fleet and combining devices, MPS ensures you’re not spending more than necessary. Regular monitoring and proactive management further help keep costs under control.

Regaining Control

With MPS, you gain complete oversight of your printing activities. This control allows you to implement rules and restrictions, such as limiting color printing or setting print quotas. Usage reports provide information on printing activity, helping you make informed decisions and enforce best practices within the organization.

Woman making color copiesReliability and Uptime Boost

Printer downtime can be a major productivity killer. MPS minimizes this issue by maintaining your devices regularly and addressing potential problems before they lead to breakdowns. MPS keeps printers working smoothly and reduces workflow interruptions with proactive with maintenance and support.

Fortified Security

Securing your print environment is crucial in an era where data breaches are all too common. MPS includes robust security measures to protect your sensitive information. Features like secure print release, user authentication, and data encryption safeguard your documents from unauthorized access. Integrating these security protocols helps MPS avoid costly breaches and maintain compliance with data protection regulations.

Green Printing Practices

Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword; it’s a business imperative. MPS helps you adopt green printing practices, reducing your environmental footprint. From promoting double-sided printing to using energy-efficient devices and recycling toner cartridges, MPS provides solutions that align with your sustainability goals. These practices benefit the environment and reduce paper and energy consumption costs.

Streamlined Workflows

Inefficient workflows can bog down your operations and waste valuable time. MPS streamlines your printing processes, automating routine tasks and integrating with your existing IT infrastructure. This smooth connection helps workers work better and lets them concentrate on their main duties instead of printing issues. MPS's document management solutions further optimize your workflows, making handling, storing, and retrieving documents easier.

Unearthing Hidden Savings

Many businesses are unaware of the hidden costs lurking in their print environment. MPS providers can find hidden costs like unnecessary printing, inefficient device use and excessive supply use. By identifying and addressing these hidden costs, MPS helps you realize significant savings that directly boost your bottom line.

Implementing Managed Print Services (MPS) protects your profits and enhances your company's efficiency, security, and sustainability. MPS is a smart investment that pays for itself by delivering continuous cost savings and operational improvements. Embrace MPS to transform your print environment into a streamlined, secure, cost-effective business strategy component.

Success Stories: Real Results with MPS

Implementing Managed Print Services (MPS) can transform your business, turning printing challenges into cost savings and efficiency opportunities. Here are real-world success stories that highlight the tangible benefits of MPS.

Case Study: A Mid-Sized Manufacturing Firm

Before MPS Implementation

A mid-sized manufacturing firm faced skyrocketing printing costs. With numerous departments using different printers and no standardized processes, they experienced frequent printer malfunctions and costly downtime. The lack of oversight also led to uncontrolled printing practices, wasting resources and high expenses.

After MPS Implementation

After partnering with an MPS provider, the company saw immediate improvements. The MPS team conducted a comprehensive assessment, optimized their print fleet, and standardized devices across departments. This reduced the number of printers, lowering maintenance and supply costs.

With regular maintenance and proactive support, printer downtime decreased significantly, boosting productivity. The company also implemented print rules, cutting unnecessary color printing and reducing paper waste.


  • 30% print cost reduction
  • 25% decrease in paper consumption
  • Significant reduction in printer downtime
  • Enhanced control over printing practices

Case Study: A Large Financial Services Firm

Before MPS Implementation

A large financial services firm struggled with print security and compliance issues. Employees often left sensitive documents unattended at printers, posing a significant risk. The company also faced high operational costs because of inefficient printing practices and a lack of centralized management.

After MPS Implementation

With MPS, the firm implemented secure print release and user authentication, ensuring only authorized personnel could access sensitive documents. The MPS provider also streamlined their print infrastructure, replacing outdated printers with energy-efficient models. This not only enhanced security but also reduced operational costs.


  • 40% reduction in print-related security incidents
  • 20% decrease in energy consumption
  • Improved compliance with data protection regulations
  • Lower operational costs and increased efficiency

Lessons Learned

Key Takeaways from Successful MPS Integrationschecklist

These success stories highlight MPS's critical role in addressing common print-related challenges. Key takeaways include:

  1. Cost Savings: Both companies significantly reduced costs by optimizing their print environments and implementing effective management practices.
  2. Enhanced Security: MPS provided robust security measures, protecting sensitive information and ensuring compliance with regulations.
  3. Increased Efficiency: Streamlined workflows and proactive maintenance minimized downtime, boosting overall productivity.
  4. Sustainability: Implementing green printing practices reduced paper and energy consumption, supporting environmental goals.

These examples show that MPS saves more than money; it also improves security, efficiency and sustainability. By partnering with an experienced MPS provider, businesses can unlock these benefits and achieve real, measurable results.


Managed Print Services (MPS) go beyond strategy. It protects profits, improves efficiency, and secures your printing setup. Here’s a recap of the key benefits and why you should consider adopting MPS today.

Summing Up the MPS Advantage

Cost Savings and Efficiency

MPS helps you identify and eliminate unnecessary expenses, optimize your print fleet, and streamline workflows. The result is significant cost savings and improved operational efficiency. MPS helps save money on printing costs, which can improve your budget and overall financial health.

Enhanced Security

Securing your print environment is crucial in today's digital age. MPS incorporates robust security measures, such as secure print release and user authentication, to protect sensitive information. MPS protects your business from expensive security incidents by reducing the risk of data breaches and following data protection rules.

Sustainability and Green Practices

MPS promotes sustainable printing practices, helping you reduce your environmental footprint. MPS supports your sustainability goals, from using energy-efficient devices to implementing double-sided printing. These green practices benefit the environment and enhance your company’s reputation as a responsible corporate citizen.

Take Control Now

Evaluate Your Current Printing Practices

Take a close look at your current printing environment. Identify areas where you’re experiencing high costs, inefficiencies, and security risks. Understanding your current state is the first step toward improvement.

Consider Managed Print Services

Partner with an experienced MPS provider, like Fraser, to thoroughly assess your printing needs. An MPS provider offers tailored solutions to address your unique issues, save money, enhance security, and promote sustainability.

Implement and Monitor

Once you’ve implemented MPS, continue to monitor its impact. Regular assessments and adjustments ensure you maximize MPS’s benefits and stay ahead of evolving challenges.

Manage your printing with Managed Print Services to make it efficient, secure, and cost-effective for your business strategy. Don’t let unmanaged printing steal your profits—get your free managed print assessment and unlock the full potential of MPS for your organization.