How a Wide Format Printer Can Change Your Business

Earlier in the month, we shared information about producing floor graphics, signage and labels for reopening your business. Right now, this is the best reason to get a wide-format device for your business. The cost savings and convenience of producing these materials yourself are two smart reasons to consider a wide format printer. But many people asked the question, "what will I do with it when this pandemic is over?". In this post, we will give you several great ways for your business to benefit from having an in-house wide format device.

Let's first explain what a wide format printer is. A wide format printer is a device that prints on large paper, ranging from 18 inches to 59 feet wide. They typically utilize some variety of inkjet or toner-based technology to produce the printed images. Most wide format devices print on rolled media, including a wide range of paper types, canvas, adhesive vinyl, banner vinyl, polyester and polypropylene. Not all wide format printers can print outdoor materials, so if that's one of your goals, be sure to communicate that to your account executive.

So how can a wide format printer change your business? The Rule of 7 says a person needs to see your advertisement, logo or brand at least seven times before buying our product or service. With that in mind, let's review a few ways this can be an outstanding addition to your print fleet.

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  1. High-quality marketing signage. Have you ever walked by a storefront and seen an attractive postervertical banner promoting a new product or service? Wide format printers produce these graphics. The quality of detail that a wide format device can provide is unlike any other printer. And with a wide format printer in-house, you're not limited to just one banner. You can change the messaging as often as you like. Creating visually pleasing displays for your business will attract customers to the products you're looking to focus on.
  2. Trade show displays. Maybe your business isn't focused on a retail space, but you attend many trade shows. Floor displays for trade shows are expensive, averaging anywhere from $150-$500 apiece for a retractable banner. If you do trade shows, you likely already have the banner stand. You just need to be able to change your graphics to show the latest and greatest offerings to your visitors. With a wide-format device, you can quickly and easily print new graphics for your upcoming shows. You can also print tabletop banners, pop up and exhibit graphics and even backdrops. The possibilities with trade show signage are endless!
  3. Floor graphics.  decalfloorWhile the floor graphic is popular for the COVID-19 pandemic, it can help you market far into the future. Customers are now very aware of graphics on the floor, and you can take advantage of that. New product announcements, sales on select items or even brand awareness are achievable with floor graphics. Because people walk on floor graphics, they do tend to lose their luster in a few months. But having your wide format printer allows you to create new ones quickly and easily.
  4. Event banners.  Many businesses sponsor charity events or community festivals as a way of supporting their local area. Event organizers often require signage from your company to give your business some recognition for your donation. Or maybe you're hosting an open house at your business and welcoming visitors to your location. You can even do backdrop banners for events where you might be taking photographs. Pop your logo onto the background and take advantage of brand recognition long after the party is over. You can do all of this with your wide-format printer.
  5. wallstickerRepositionable wall decals and static window clings. Have a blank space in your office that needs a little life? Repositionable wall art could be the answer. With the seemingly unlimited number of online images, you can easily customize wall decals and swap them out with the seasons. Using repositionable crack and peel paper is a big plus because it allows you to print an item, post it and then move it to another location. Imagine you're a car dealer with multiple locations. During one month, one brand of cars may have special financing that you can promote with a repositionable sign. The next month, that promo moves to a different brand, and you move your sign to your other location and reuse it. Promoting a new product or service? Window clings in your retail storefront or on company vehicles are a great way to get your message out. When the promotion is over, you can easily remove the clings without damaging surfaces.
  6. Wall Art. Thinking about a little redecorating of your office lobby? Art prints you can purchase online can get expensive fast. A wide-format printer allows you to produce one-of-a-kind pieces to create the ultimate waiting area, conference room or other space. You can pop them into frames or create photo canvases by printing on canvas and wrapping it around a custom wood frame. Either way will create visually stunning art for your office at a fraction of retail.
  7. bannerRetail graphics. Creating in-house retail graphics is a no-brainer for stores, restaurants and other retail spaces. You can be as creative as you'd like, whether it's a wall graphic, hanging from the ceiling, or even mounting on a foam backing and placed on an easel. 

These are just a few of the MANY applications for a wide format printer. With their advanced technology with regards to ink and media, the possibilities are endless. Best of all, when you have a device in-house, you are not at the mercy of a printer. If you want to change your idea two hours before an event or opening, you can! You can also source your materials to find the best deals on the media you want to print. Most critical is that you control what the output is. We've all had to deal with a project that looked one way on our screen, but completely different when printed. With your in-house wide-format unit, you control the color and the quality.

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